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Covid-19 has a firm grip on the world. Public life in Germany has all but come to a halt. Cities are on lockdown. The DAX fell 40% off its high in just four weeks. It is a new world and society faces new challenges. We as a young biotech company, with an ecological mindset, are feeling the full blow of this catastrophe. But: the mosses grow regardless and we are building eight more CityTrees for upcoming projects.

Just as firms are affected, we as individuals are as well. At Green City Solutions, we are rising to the challenge by working from home, self-quarantining, and socially distancing. We are learning to cope with not sitting next to our co-workers, leaving our homes only once a day, or keeping distance to our loved ones.

In times like these it is important to return to essentials. Each one of us has more time to reflect and to remind ourselves ever more of our core values: optimism and sustainability. And one truth binds us all: we are in this together and we will make the best of it.

Covid-19 is only the first challenge barreling our way at breakneck speed. Climate change, with its heat waves, air pollution and other negative effects, can bolster the spread and magnitude of further pandemics. Even if we use most of our energy to fight the virus and manage our new personal challenges, we have to realize more than ever: we can and must take sustainable action now to make the future better and safer from crises like the current one.

At Green City Solutions we have become even more aware of how important our mission is. Low air quality causes arrhythmia, dementia, and in particular, lung and respiratory diseases. These preconditions ensure that our family, friends, and neighbors are inherently part of the high-risk group. We stand for providing sustainably clean and healthy air and work towards achieving that goal with all our energy. We bring nature back to the city – now more than ever.

Our conclusion is: we are called upon, more than ever, to do our part. Our natural superhero moss has powers unknown to many. Mosses metabolize particulate matter, some are antiseptic, antiviral and a fungicide; allrounders when it comes to air filtration and health. Utilizing IoT technology, in our case the symbiosis of sensors, intelligent ventilation, irrigation and software, we can activate these natural purification capabilities.

This is our contribution to a sustainably healthy society, our contribution to a long-term change towards fresh air for all.

Naturally, we too are affected by this crisis. Being a young, technology-driven company, we are digitized regardless of the present crises. Our roughly 30 co-workers are used to working remotely. We need to learn to adapt nonetheless. And – it can work. Our business is up and running, our team is as motivated as ever, and we are looking forward with confidence. We are making the best of it.

It is easy to get stressed over the news and the situation. We are in a lucky position: anytime we feel stressed, we can reach over, grab some moss and inhale its tantalizing smell. If you also need a few minutes to take a breath and do not have moss near you, here is a breathing exercise for you to relax:

Stay safe and look ahead. We will do so as well and continue to work on our technology and to adhere to our motto:

We grow fresh air.