Grow Together

Our Ecosystem

For Green City Solutions a strong ecosystem and cooperation with a diverse and growing set of partners is the foundation to realize our mission in a sustainable way with a long-lasting positive impact. To “grow fresh air” by combining technology, IoT and nature, we built upon a strong network, which shares and lives our mission and growths with us.

Scientific Partners
The renomated Leibniz Institute for Tropospheric Research is our lead partner for measurement and analysis of the impact of our products. The head of the department of Experimental Aerosol and Cloud Microphysics Professor Dr. Alfred Wiedensohler himself superrvises the work and partnership.
The ILK Dresden is our scientific partner in the field of industry-related research, development and technology transfer in the wide range of air handling and refrigeration technologies and their applications including related scientific and technical fields. Together with the ILK we measure the filtration and cooling power of moss.

Technology Partners
MaibornWolff is one of the leading IoT-specialists and our partner. Their young, dynamic team inspires us and our own software developer. For instance, this cooperation paved the way to bring the performance data and information of the CityTree in real-time to our customers and partners via AirCare.
hies Clima develops, produces and supplies high quality sensors and complete measuring systems. Our partner is one of the world’s leading suppliers of this technology. Their products meet the requirements of both German and international weather services, as well as the Technical Regulations of the WMO (World Meteorological Organization). At Green City Solutions we always have the most accurate and precise weather data to care for the moss, adjust it optimally to the individual, changing conditions, improve our product and learn about the effects of micro climate in urban areas
Bettair is a specialist for the measurement of fine-dust and our supplier of fine-dust sensors. Beside supplying hardware Bettair provides a deep knowledge and understanding of air pollution, which makes them the ideal partner in this field.
KD Electronicsystems is our development partner and supplier of specialized controlling systems for our products. Next to a wide experience in industry manufacturing, our partner from Saxony-Anhalt assits us in the field of connectivity, IoT and smart city applications.
Another local partner, the company Gaßmann from Thuringia, provides us with first-class wood. Only due to their sophisticated materials, our product becomes a true sustainable champion in the field of improving air quality. Wood, as a commodity of the future, is added by our partner to become part of the green, clean and sustainable smart city of tomorrow.
The Deutsche Telekom AG is our partner for innovative network technology and communication. By partnering in join projects we provide connectivity and fresh air in urban areas together.
Together with the façade-specialist Alsecco, Green City Solutions is developing a modular facade solution to integrate fresh and clean air even better into urban living.

Network Partners
Green City Solutions won the first PropTech-Award and is now part of GermanTech’s accelerator program. Our partner supports us to establish our disruptive technology in the market.
As Europe’s biggest private-public network for innovation against climate change, Climate KIC is our partner for certification, facilitation and networking.
As Telekom’s 5G-innovation hub, we work together with Hubraum on a connected, sustainable vision for humanity.
Kraft Digital, our partner for everything visual, is the boldest production company in the world that uses data-driven creativity to produce user centered campaigns.
Thies Network is our strategic investor and shares a strong network, knowledge and experience. en-us/ai/ai-for-earth
Green City Solutions is a grantee and fellow in the AI for Earth-Program and was featured together with Microsoft at the Collision Festival 2019 in Toronto.
Harvest, a certified sustainable and value-orientated asset management company, became on of Green City Solutions first sponsors.

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