Greentech pioneer Green City Solutions welcomes digital outdoor advertising expert

Sustainability and climate awareness are the topics of the hour, even in outdoor advertising. Cities and municipalities are faced with the need to act due to the climate crisis.

With the CityBreeze, we have developed a digital media screen that combines sustainable air filtration and cooling through living moss with a 75-inch info screen. After the first steles have been successfully installed last year and are included in the programmatic booking of the first marketers, a further expansion of the sustainable DOoH network with additional marketers is planned for 2023.

Thus, we at Green City Solutions have now hired Achim Hofmann as a new employee, who will drive the further roll-out of the green DOoH stele CityBreeze as Manager Business Development & Sales DOoH. Hofmann has over 14 years of experience in the outdoor advertising industry, most recently as CEO of the agency accessforbrands, which specializes in outdoor advertising and OOH special implementations. In his new role, Achim Hofmann will expand the first truly sustainable DOoH network with Green City Solutions and intensify contact with marketers.

You could also read the German report by invidis: “Großer Rollout geplant – Green City Solutions holt Achim Hofmann”.

“We are very pleased to have Achim Hofmann on board, an established expert in the field of digital outdoor advertising, who brings valuable skills for the ongoing roll-out of our CityBreeze due to his experience in relationship management between cities and customers”, explains Peter Sänger, CEO of Green City Solutions.

“Digital outdoor advertising is increasingly in demand due to the possibilities of programmatic placement, but there are no truly sustainable and green solutions except for the CityBreeze”, explains Achim Hofmann. “Our DOoH network has the lowest CO2 footprint in the outdoor advertising market and sets international standards when it comes to future issues such as air purification and cooling in urban spaces. Advertising customers and urban furnishing providers who rely on the sustainability trend can benefit from a very good image transfer. And by the way, thanks to the living moss, they can enjoy the ‘forest scent’ with the played-out content”, says Hofmann.

In the CityBreeze, integrated air filters with living moss actively filter out the smallest particles such as health-damaging particulate matter, viruses, bacteria, and odors from the air on the back of the screen and instead enrich it with oxygen. In addition, the environment is cooled by up to 4 degrees through the evaporation power of the mosses.

For 2023, an expansion of the current network of 20 CityBreezes is planned. Green City Solutions also offers free installation in well-frequented places such as shopping centers and pedestrian zones – a chance to provide fresh, clean air for a large number of people.

You need more information regarding the CityBreeze? We will be happy to assist and find out whether free installation is possible at your desired location.

Would you like to see your campaign or ad on one of our CityBreezes and become part of the first truly sustainable DOoH network? Then feel free to contact our expert for DOoH advertising, Achim Hofmann, at, for more information!