The solution to quantifiably
improve city air

This is how it looks


The patented basic product

The CityTree is a mobile and intelligent biological air filter for insides and outsides. The innovative construction – with or without a bench – uniquely combines the natural abilities of air-purifying mosses with cutting-edge IoT technology.


Individual enhancements

The CityTree is fully functional straight away in its standard variant. On top of that you can add configuration packages to suit your location and usage scenario. These allow you utilise the CityTree’s many features to the full.


Additional services that meet your needs

In order to keep your investment for installation, maintenance and configuration of the CityTree to a minimum, we support you with specific services which can also be ordered individually.


The perfect combination
of plants and IoT


The world’s first bio-tech filter to
quantifiably improve air quality

The CityTree takes up floor space of 3.5 m² including a bench, or in the slim-line version only 1.5 m².

Moss for clean air

Protected by shade-giving plants, moss binds particulate matter, produces oxygen and cools the air.

Cutting edge IoT technology

Integrated IoT technology delivers environmental data as well as comprehensive performance and status information on the CityTree in real time.

Optimum watering

Thanks to a fully automated provision of water and nutrients from a built-in tank, watering is completely independent.

Own energy provision

Installed solar panels generate energy for operating the CityTree, and this energy is stored in batteries.

Various designs

With benches in a range of woods, various colour options and different shade-giving plants, the CityTree harmonises with any urban environment.

Eco-friendly construction

The CityTree has a long life cycle, can mostly be recycled, and can be assembled or dismantled within just a few hours.


You can enhance the CityTree by choosing individually from a range of extras. This ensures independent energy and water provision as well as reliable protection against damage. There are also various designs and communication options available to meet your requirements in a range of ways.


Extra services
as required

A comprehensive range of CityTree services is available to all customers. This includes, for example, finding the optimum location according to measured data, as well as a visual display of the CityTree’s environmental benefits based on a dashboard developed by us. In addition, we’re happy to help with approval management, with project tender procedures and with the implementation of marketing measures.

Location analysis

For an optimum effect

With the help of complex multi-layer simulations, including the established CFD method, we determine the best location for optimum CityTree performance.

Tender consulting

For a higher chance of success

Should the CityTree be part of a comprehensive tender procedure, we offer support, for example with specific competition projects.

Approval management

For sharing the administrative load

We coordinate all necessary approval steps, from application to presentation and – as far as possible – take care of communication with the authorities.


For effective marketing

Here we handle the design and production of LED screen content, the design of individual sheets or signs – or also additional customer-specific requirements.

Installation & logistics

For seamless logistics

We take responsibility not only for assembly, but also for planned changes of location and appropriate recycling of the CityTree.

Care & maintenance

For expert maintenance

We ensure regular technical servicing and are also responsible for professional care of the plant (shade-giving plants and moss).



For measurable performance

A dashboard developed by us delivers comprehensive performance and status information on the CityTree and environmental data in real time. To do that, two integrated sensors collect and transfer data on the CityTree’s performance, analyse the status of the plants and react, for example, if water or power is needed. In addition, data is provided on the air quality and climate situation around the CityTree

Real-time information on environmental performance

Internet-based transfer of the CityTree’s performance data to the AirCare dashboard.


Location analysis






Care & maintenance