We are very excited to announce our new partnership with PlanA !

PlanA has developed the first emissions reduction software which helps businesses to calculate, monitor and reduce their carbon footprint while creating an employee culture of sustainability.

As a Green-Tech company we, too, want to do everything we can to limit our impact on the earth. That’s why we are joining the Plan A platform to calculate, monitor and reduce our own CO2 emissions.

Having an impactful product is key and so is a healthy work and everyday life. Green City Solutions and Plan A partner up to show what it means to be and work in a sustainable company.

Combining our bio-algorithm and their emissions reduction algorithm, together, we fight urban air pollution and climate change.

The CityTree is now available as a clean air solution and an emissions compensation tool on the PlanA-platform for all businesses that drive towards a sustainable future.

We hope to inspire all our partners to take action as well to join us, because there is no plan B for our planet!