Thursday, March 12th, 10:13am: the last drops of rain fall as founders Peter Saenger and Liang Wu present the new generation of CityTrees before the eyes of 120 guests and many passers-by on the forecourt of BIKINI Berlin. “In essence: perfect weather for moss”, says Antje Leinemann, CEO BIKINI Berlin, in her opening speech. The crowd laughs.

Following her, Nora Hesse lays out the goals of the European Commission for the promotion of the ‘technological elite of Europe’ as part of the Horizon 2020 programme. Just then, the sun breaks through the clouds. It’s the perfect moment for Peter Saenger and Liang Wu to unveil the three CityTrees. “Ladies and Gentlemen, when we founded Green City Solutions six years ago, we would never have imagined standing here one day. After more than 50 projects in Europe, many patents filed and 60,000 hours of work only in 2019 we are proud to present to you today: the CityTree 2020.”  The crowd cheers. The rbb documents the show.

While Peter and Liang get interviewed by a queue of journalists, the CityTrees are inspected by the visitors more closely. The Bauhaus-inspired design fits perfectly into the urban scenery featuring the Upper West Tower and the Waldorf Astoria.  The wooden parts of the construction are dominant and many a nose finds their way to the moss. It is possible to smell fresh air after all.

We bring nature back to the city – with the CityTree.

After the unveiling on Forecourt West the event continues in the Spreegold restaurant at Bikini Berlin with invited guests. Press, investors and customers listen closely as CEO Peter Saenger presents the detailed development history of the CityTree. It features exclusive behind the scenes regarding the moss farm, the scientific processes documenting performance and team motivation. One of the core issues: How is state-of-the-art IoT-technology utilised to activate the natural filtering capabilities of mosses? After the presentation, the team answers every question from the guests during the get together, supported by exhibits like a small CityTree model and different moss species.

An impression by CCO Max Gimpel-Henning: “We all noticed how much we were able to excite people. We were blown away by the interest, the many kind words and smiles.”

This is just the beginning: a total of nine CityTrees will go on a road show through Berlin, featuring prominent locations like Ku’Damm, Messe Berlin and Alexanderplatz. There they will spread awareness for the importance of air quality this summer and fall.

Now more than ever we are aware that clean air has to be one of the cornerstones of public health. Stay tuned for updates – we grow fresh air.