“The Power of Moss”

The small super plant moss “absorbs 6 times more CO₂ than other plants”, as reported by Franziska Wienecke for TASPO and Saskia Balser for Watson.

The seemingly inconspicuous moss, however, “has a variety of special abilities”: It cleans the ambient air and cools it down, “benefits the climate”, and is “highly resistant to pathogens” (source), thus keeping “soils healthy, colonizing barren areas, and paving the way for the growth of other plants” (source).

A “small all-rounder”!

“We were amazed to discover that mosses do all these amazing things”, explained David Eldridge, an ecologist at the University of New South Wales, to Science Report.

For the new study “The global contribution of soil mosses to ecosystem services“, published in the journal “Nature”, moss samples were taken from more than 100 locations worldwide in eight different ecosystems (source).

photos: GCS

How can we harness the “versatile capabilities of moss” for a better urban climate and improved air and living quality?

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Watson already reported HERE.

photo: GCS