Air pollution in cities


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The perfect combination of plants and
Internet of Things technology

The ability of certain moss cultures to filter pollutants such as particulate matter and nitrogen oxides from the air makes them ideal natural air purifiers. But in cities, where air purification is a great challenge, mosses are barely able to survive due to their need for water and shade. This problem can be solved by connecting different mosses with fully automated water and nutrient provision based on unique Internet of Things technology. Air filtering performance is quantitatively proven and the plants’ requirements are measured in real time. That’s how the CityTree came into being – the world’s first bio-tech filter to quantifiably improve air quality.

The CityTree – the world‘s first bio-tech filter to quantifiably improve air quality

Model from 2020
Model from 2020

Proof of performance from independent experts

Since its invention in 2014, the CityTree is continuously being further developed. This includes all parts of this worldwide unique product idea: from design to energy and water supply to environmental performance. Thereby, we don’t just build on our comprehensive background experience but also on the expertise from different research-, technology-, sponsor- and certification partners. A particular development focus is on the steady improvement of the City Tree’s environmental performance that is being verified and reviewed by independent experts in complex laboratory and field studies.