Shopping and enjoyment go hand in hand!

That’s the motto of BördePark Magdeburg.

… and what better way to enjoy your personal shopping experience than amidst fresh air and up-to-date, helpful information?

Because the shopping center on Salbker Chaussee in Magdeburg offers “everything in one place”: “not only versatile shopping fun but also attractive and diverse events” (Source). What’s coming up soon at BördePark will no longer be available online only but also on the CityBreeze screen!

Photo: BördePark

Since the beginning of September, the natural air filter has been providing not only “a breath of fresh air” thanks to the air-purifying and cooling effects of the integrated moss but also “fresh information” through the use of the screen. This makes CityBreeze the first out-of-home column that cools the surrounding air instead of adding to its heat.

The biotech filter combines natural air cooling and purification with digital presentation technology. The seemingly unusual combination makes sense: both information and advertising, as well as the microclimatic improvement of air quality, are strategically positioned in areas of high human interaction.

The green, actively ventilated moss wall has an air purification capacity equivalent to the hourly breathing volume of approximately 2,900 people and a cooling capacity comparable to 21 trees. Thanks to these inconspicuous plants, the ambient air is purified, cooled, and humidified. Up to 82 percent of fine dust and even viruses and bacteria are removed from the air and the air is enriched with oxygen. Another advantage of CityBreeze is that it’s never saturated, as the captured fine dust is bound by the moss and converted into biomass. Therefore, no filter waste is generated, as is the case with conventional mechanical air filters.


Photos: GCS, BördePark

In the Magdeburg shopping center, “over 40 stores, as well as numerous cafes and restaurants, invite you to shop, linger, and savor” (Source). Now, with the best air quality, it’s time to discover the “diversity at BördePark Magdeburg and a slice of joy in life” (Source).

Furthermore, the shopping center is actively involved “in its community. With strong connections to local clubs and associations, Börde Park is firmly rooted in the region and is aware of its responsibility to the community” (Source).

On its website, the BördePark in the southern part of Magdeburg promises and proudly declares, ‘There’s always something happening here’ – and now, there’s also an abundance of cool, clean air thanks to the moss!” (Source)