ESG Technology for Real Assets”

The “TECH FOR IMPACT MAP 2023: TOP 100” has been chosen by BUILTWORLD in cooperation with PwC! 

The “Third Year Anniversary” runs under the motto “ESG Technology for Real Assets”. Thus, the “third edition of the Tech for Impact Map represents a holistic understanding of ESG criteria for real assets” (source). 

We at Green City Solutions feel thrilled as we are also part of this inspiring map – again –, this time in the “Smart Cities” category. 

In 2023, the slogan reflects the “complex and pressing challenges” our “common built environment is facing” such as “urban heat records, water scarcity, biodiversity loss, socio-economic challenges as well as increasing mandatory regulations for the real estate and construction sector” (source). 

Thus, the Tech For Impact Map 2023 honours the “100 companies covering the real asset life cycle” (source). “A team of experts by PwC Germany & BUILTWORLD selected the Top 100 solutions founded in the last decade. All companies are active in Europe and contribute to the UN Sustainable Development Goals” regarding:  

“Covering climate risks, scenarios & risk management, site intelligence & monitoring, voluntary carbon markets, building material passports, sustainable building materials, serial renovation, low carbon construction, energy efficient buildings, space optimisation, tenant wellbeing, carbon accounting, sustainability reporting, smart metering, district energy management, carbon capture, air quality tracking, urban water innovation, smart waste treatment and digital city planning” (source). 

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A big thank you for the aMOSSing honour to the jury members and the supporters, BUILTWORLD as truly “leading innovation ecosystem to drive the change and shape the built world of tomorrow” and PWC,  Thomas Veith (Global Leader Real Estate, PwC) & Jonas Haberkorn (Director, BUILTWORLD) – and congratulations to the included companies such as vilisto GmbH, Plan A, Airly, metr, acemy and ecoworks.