“A gift to the city to fight

climate change and heat islands”

Cleaning up the air in cities is an urgent matter that can no longer be postponed, considering that by 2050 two-thirds of the world’s population will live in urban areas (United Nations). 

Recognizing the need for immediate action, the city of Bari in southern Italy has taken a remarkable step forward. Since June 9th, there is a new resident in town: The CityTree has arrived in Largo Sorrentino in Bari, in the “urban forest” brought to life through the collaborative efforts of Save the Planet and JTI Italia. 

(Photo: CityTree in Bari by Il Giornale)

“Every small step we take forward to help improve our city’s climate matters”, said the Mayor of Bari, Antonio Decaro.

The inauguration event was also accompanied by the Councilor for Public Works, Giuseppe Galasso, the Corporate Affairs & Communication Director of JTI Italia, Lorenzo Fronteddu, and the President of Save the Planet, Elena Stoppioni.

(Photos: Lombardini22)

Harnessing the power of moss filters, the CityTree has the capacity to purify the surrounding air, benefiting nearly 10,000 people every hour while combating the heat island phenomenon —a consequence of inadequate greenery and limited air circulation in urban environments. However, the CityTree project goes beyond air purification. Equipped with smart sensors, it provides detailed pollution analysis of the surrounding area. Monthly reports generated from this data will aid the municipality in continually monitoring pollutant levels and ensuring a healthier environment for the citizens of Bari.

Notably, the placement of the CityTree was not arbitrary. Young researchers from Lombardini22, together with Pensieri e Colori Agenzia di comunicazione, employed a data-driven method based on neuroscience to determine the optimal location. This strategic positioning ensures that people can easily access and engage with the structure’s screen, effectively communicating positive messages and imbuing the project with strong social significance.

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(Photos: Green City Solutions)

We are truly proud to have contributed to this installation. Our partnership with JTI Italia continues to concretely address the issue of sustainability”, explained Elena Stoppioni 

The CityTree “serves as a tangible testament to how research and technology can come together to protect our planet and it offers a glimpse into the cities of the future”. The President of Save the Planet, Elena Stoppioni, further highlighted the transformative potential of projects like these, urging private entities, administrations, and ordinary citizens to initiate similar endeavors.  


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