effizient: The Magazine for a Carbon-Neutral Building Stock

“The current time calls for efficient solutions!”

That’s why our current reading recommendation is quite literally ‘effizient,’ the magazine for a carbon-neutral building stock. Because in order to ‘shape the future of humanity positively and protect our planet,’ we need such innovative and efficient approaches, technologies, and projects. The specialized magazine from vilisto GmbH sees a pioneering role in cities, municipalities, and businesses with bold initiatives at the local and entrepreneurial level, giving rise to the wave of positive change (Source).”

Carbon neutral by 2045?

The latest issue of ‘effizient’ reports on the latest developments on this (necessary) path towards the heat transition, ‘based on studies, analyses, expert assessments, and successful climate protection projects’ (Source).

  • What impact do buildings have on climate change?
  • What measures can be taken to reduce greenhouse gas emissions?

In the current issue, you will also find our ‘attractive fresh air zones with moss’. Learn more about the regenerative moss filters that mitigate heat islands and pollutant hotspots in urban areas, contributing visibly and measurably to local and immediate sustainability and a healthier, livable city. Additionally, explore more interesting articles from the German Energy Agency, the German Sustainable Building Council (DGNB), Kloster Eberbach, and the city of Hamburg by reading HERE.”