Scientific test: 20% inactivation of corona viruses

In January, we successfully completed a new measurement campaign together with two scientific partners, the Institute for Air and Refrigeration Technology (ILK Dresden) and the Institute of Animal Hygiene and Veterinary Public Health of Leipzig University. The main purpose was the investigation of the separation or mortification of viral germs with our moss modules.

The examined moss module of our CityTree 2020 achieved a 20% elimination respectively inactivation of corona viruses entered into the air flow!

An infection requires a certain concentration of viruses in the air. Thus, if the concentration is reduced, the risk of infection also decreases. (But just to make it clear: This does not exclude an infection!) Another affirmative characteristic is that higher air humidity (due to our moss modules) also means that viruses stay in the air less long, sink to the bottom more quickly and therefore can’t be inhaled any longer.

This is just the first step within this measurement series. But the primary results suggest that the elimination of viruses is another advantage of our natural biotech filters, in addition to reducing fine dust up to 82%, the cooling effect by up to 4°C / 39°F and the CO2 capturing of approx. 2kg / 4,4 lbs  per square meter moss module. We see vast potential in the virus absorption by further improvements of the filter and the measurement system.

Today, this seems more important than ever, because various research teams and studies indicate a clear correlation between fine dust pollution and higher mortality rates of Covid-19.