Peter Sänger is Part of the NOVATOPIA Collective

We strategically leverage our experience to serve a livable future. None of us can achieve as much alone as we can together.

The future belongs to no single generation or profession. It concerns us all. The more people drive and naturally communicate sustainable transformation, the faster social norms change.

For this reason, we are delighted to be part of the NOVATOPIA Collective as Green City Solutions, with our CEO and co-founder Peter Sänger.


We share our knowledge, support others wherever we can, and actively promote green growth.

NOVATOPIA serves as the interface between sustainability consulting, creative brand work, and communication. Together, we make large brands more sustainable and sustainable brands larger. As a collective, we can scale our efforts to fit the task at hand, whether large or small. Our expertise spans from sustainability strategy and brand management to green production. We can cover the entire spectrum of a 360° agency. Importantly, we do not need to sell anything just because we have the resources.

We look forward to the journey ahead with NOVATOPIA founders Sarah Schulze Darup, Christina Meister and Lisa Baur, and collective members Valerie Burgstaller, Asisa Asseily, David Kettner, Marc Feige and Simon Veith!

“The most exciting decade in human history lies ahead. It will determine whether we can bring our lives back in harmony with the planet’s limits.”


The “Collective” is part of the solution economy, dedicated to a livable future for all.
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None of us can achieve as much alone as we can together.