Gree(n)tings from the CityTree of Luton Council!

In February, they encouraged and reminded everyone to keep Luton clean, because “It’s your town” – so “Hate Litter, Love Luton”!
Just as their “UrbanTree from Green City Solutions“, which “helps purify our town centre’s air”, they “also need to make sure the area around the tree is clean”.
Waste “ruins our parks and is harmful to pets and wildlife” – thus, “pick it up, bin it, or take it home”. The Luton BID even organizes regular tidy sessions and welcome “all businesses and people from the community to get involved with keeping our town a cleaner place for everyone to work in and enjoy”. Truly a place to thrive!
We agree with Luton Council – it’s your town, let’s keep it clean – and let’s grow fresh air!
In addition to the air cooling, air cleaning and creating a place that invites you to enjoy the space and take a deep breath, the CityTree gains attention and offers digital screen advertising in Luton Town Centre.
Step into the spotlight with the smart biotech filter as a media-effective CSR motif and try the “Impactful Advertising”!
Read more about the “Digital Screen Advertising in Luton Town Centre” HERE.