Berth Werbung X Green City Solutions

Eco-friendly and sustainable advertising?

It’s possible!

Following the slogan “Green meets Screen”, we have developed the first air-improving advertising column – the CityBreeze.

The CityBreeze is a digital advertising board with an air filter on the back that works with living mosses. This not only looks good, but is also highly effective: The vitalizing mosses, which are cultivated in our moss farm in Bestensee, are able to filter up to 82% of fine dust from 1,500m³ of air per hour, while providing a cooling effect of up to 4°C in the immediate surrounding area on hot days!

Thanks to Berth Werbung GmbH, the 75-inch LCD screen on the front offers you the opportunity to present digital and razor-sharp advertising messages or job advertisements.

If you drive attentively through our region, you may already have spotted the CityBreeze advertising columns in Bestensee on the main road and at the Shell gas station in Wildau! More than 10 columns are located in shopping centers in Berlin and Brandenburg, and additional moss filters will be added in the next months.

According to Berth Werbung GmbH, the screens are “already being used by many local businesses to post job advertisements or draw attention to products and services”. You can easily put together the content for the screen yourself, or Berth Advertising will be happy to assist you.

Let’s make your advertising digital – together!

For more information about our CityBreeze, including how it can be installed for FREE when the location criteria are met, please click HERE.

Do you want to see your campaign on one of our CityBreezes and become part of the first truly sustainable DOoH network?

Thenfeel free to contact our expert in digital outdoor advertising, Achim Hofmann, at for more information or contact Berth Werbung.