“Sander Center… because it’s worth it!”

Sounds like a fairy tale, but Bremen is indeed “more than a fairy tale” on many levels: In the Sander Center in the Oslebshausen district, shoppers and visitors have been able to “shop smart for 125 years”. The family-run center is located directly on the A27 and is one of the largest shopping centers in Bremen, with over 30 shops, specialty stores, service providers, restaurants, as well as sports and leisure facilities. “Furniture, fashion, culinary delights, and much more: The Sander Center offers all this” as well as services and leisure activities, such as Bremen’s most modern bowling center or the popular Sunday flea market.

In the Weser Kurier, Anke Velten reports in “The Best from the West” about how the Sander Center has successfully “developed its own profile” and therefore “Smart shopping” is truly a program: “The center management is looking optimistically into the future, because there are a whole series of positive news to announce.”

Photos: Sander Center& GCS

Since the end of last year, a visit to “Bremen’s largest and most affordable specialist retail center” has become even more clever, rewarding and “unforgettable“: since December, two CityBreeze have complemented the shopping experience in and around the Sander Center. The Biotech filters each have a seat and tank and can be used both indoors and outdoors. The Outdoor CityBreeze on Schragestrasse is located on the park and forecourt. The mossy air filter in the indoor area was placed directly at the main entrance. And yet the shopping center was already “the address in Bremen when it comes to a perfect shopping experience”.

“We value sustainability!” says owner Henrik Sander. “As a family business, which I have been leading for 4 generations, we strive for healthy and sustainable growth over several generations. This is the core of our company philosophy. Therefore, a sustainable use of our environment’s resources is an important concern for us, for which we invest a lot.” For over ten years now, the entire power requirement of the Sander Center has been covered by renewable energy sources, with around 23,000 square meters of photovoltaic modules adorning the building roofs. Energy-saving LED lighting, environmentally friendly heat pumps for heat generation, and flower strips with flowering plants as a food source for bees and other insects have been implemented. Additionally, construction began in the fall of 2023 on more than 300 solar carports. Furthermore, the center management is actively involved in environmental associations.

In short, the Sander Center is well positioned for an environmentally friendly future. “But we also want to continually improve in terms of sustainability”, emphasizes Henrik Sander, pointing to the installation of the climate-positive CityBreeze as the latest implemented sustainability project.

Photos: GCS

The Bremer CityBreeze units are enjoying high footfall due to their proximity to the A27 and the large specialty market center, optimal positioning within the Sander Center, and proximity to FITX, Fressnapf, McDonald‘s & hardware stores. “Make yourself comfortable and shop at the Sander Center. One way – many destinations”, says the website – and our modular adaptable fresh air concepts, such as the CityBreeze, also offer many features in one.

Because the regenerative moss filters with additional benefits and climAD now also provide not only a fresh breeze but also value-added advertising in the Bremen shopping center: This is ensured by living moss on the back of our globally unique innovation. In the Sander Center, shoppers’ breathing air is filtered and cooled, thus enhancing the quality of stay. The integrated screens on the front of the CityBreeze generate more interest than normal. As a climate-positive advertising network, climAD offers targeted advertising without geographical scatter losses thanks to sustainable image transfers for advertisers, proving to be valuable opportunities for acquiring new customers and employees. While the screens play a digital 10-second spot, the mosses clean CO₂, fine dust, and other environmental toxins from almost 4,000 liters of ambient air. On climAD.net, you can find further information as well as our media kit for download – or you can contact the team directly for climate-positive outdoor advertising at hello@climAD.net.

“SANDER CENTER – shop, experience, enjoy”, come by “for shopping, indulging, and strolling” – now also with the best air and fresh information! So, “Make yourself comfortable [on the CityBreeze] and shop at the Sander Center… because it’s worth it!”

Photos: GCS