A CityBreeze for Bestensee

Since the beginning of February, the first CityBreeze in Germany has been in place. In Bestensee, not far from our headquarter and the unique moss farm, the stele enhances the intersection in front of the train station. Here the CityBreeze will now stand for a total of 6 weeks on the forecourt of the bakery Wahl and actively clean and refresh the air at the intersection Hauptstraße/Motzener Straße.

600 swimming pools full of healthy air

The large advertising space shows passers-by and drivers offers from local businesses as well as live data on air quality and the work results of the tireless moss filters. After 6 weeks, the CityBreeze will have freed 1.5 million m³ of air from about 25 grams of fine dust. This is equivalent to the volume of 600 Olympic swimming pools. With its urban light design, the CityBreeze in Bestensee is also a real eye-catcher at night and visually enhances the urban intersection.