Hands-On Science and Technology for All Ages

A cool breeze under perfect weather conditions: The sun was shining brightly (not only) over the Innovation Mile 2024 (Innovationsmeile 2024) at the Technical University of Wildau (Technische Hochschule Wildau) on Saturday, June 29. As described by the Dahme-Spreewald Economic Development Agency (Wirtschaftsförderung Dahme-Spreewald): “Bright sunshine over Wildau – perfect weather to experience technology and science at our Innovation Mile 2024, try out new things, experiment, and listen to exciting lectures!”

Next to our team member Patrick Schülke in the picture (from left to right): Susanne Rieckhof, Deputy District Administrator of the Dahme-Spreewald District, Prof. Dr. Ulrike Tippe, President of the Technical University of Wildau, Gerhard Janßen, Managing Director of the Dahme-Spreewald Economic Development Agency, and Frank Nerlich, Mayor of the City of Wildau.
Photo by © Dahme-Spreewald Economic Development Agency | Photographer: Oli Hein, Zeuthen

Our Sales and Customer Success Manager witnessed firsthand how the CityBreeze unit was a highly welcomed guest in the approximately 40-degree heat. The air filter and cooler created a pleasant atmosphere, providing a fresh air and cooling zone that invited people to linger and engage in inspiring conversations.

Additionally, he demonstrated with climAD how sustainable advertising could be effectively communicated to visitors within this comfort zone. Using the CityBreeze and CityTree demonstrators and the moss mat, the Green City Solutions stand embodied the event’s motto from dahme_innovation: “Hands-On Science and Technology for All Ages”.

Photos: © Dahme-Spreewald Economic Development Agency Photographer Oli Hein Zeuthen, GCS

Photos: GCS

Nearly 3,000 visitors followed the call and came to the “tent city along the university ring and around the LOK21”, enjoying a behind-the-scenes look at over 30 companies and research institutions from the Dahme-Spreewald district. They had the opportunity to experience firsthand “what is being developed here in the Dahme region – participation and hands-on activities were explicitly encouraged”!

Photos: GCS

We share Patrick Schülke‘s conclusion (and likely not just his): We look forward to the next event!

More impressions and information about the event can be found in the press release from the Dahme-Spreewald Economic Development Agency (Presseinformation der Wirtschaftsförderung Dahme-Spreewald) or in the (German) event video 2024: