A CityTree for Berlinovo and the Student Townlet in Treptow-Köpenick

For several weeks, one of our moss filters “lives” at the student housing complex in Berlin Treptow-Köpenick. The student apartments are located on Bergaustraße (corner Eichbuschallee) in the Plänterwald district and will offer several distinctive features, including a Learning Lounge, a community building with a shared kitchen, dining area and seating area, bicycle parking spaces and an outdoor area for relaxation.

Source: BGG, Heim Balp Architekten GmbH

An outdoor area for relaxation?

The architecture envisions a “green space” as a “connecting element between the two building sections”, creating a “green courtyard” that can be used for encounters, recreation, or physical activity.

And what better way to relax and pause than with a breath of fresh air?

With the CityTree and out other moss-based biotech filters, we bring nature back into the city. Integrated moss modules bring the forest into urban spaces and ensure visibly cleaner air. We combine the natural filtering power of moss with smart IoT technology. Thanks to an automated irrigation and ventilation system, the CityTree can purify and cool the surrounding air. Independent studies have shown that up to 82% of particulate matter in the air can be filtered directly at the moss and the air can be additionally cooled by up to 4°C.

Photos: Green City Solutions

“Building economically and sustainably” is the claim of Berlinovo Grundstücksentwicklungs GmbH. They “develop diverse housing concepts for a growing city” and aim to provide “affordable housing for all residents of Berlin”. As a project developer with social responsibility, they plan, construct, and rent out “affordable housing”. Their projects include apartments, refugee accommodations and care facilities. BGG “develops, builds and operates residential complexes tailored to the living situation and needs of young people”.

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