Our Greenery 🤝 climAD

Our Greenery’s products transform your home into a green sanctuary – which is precisely why they now take center stage in “our green focal point,” the eco-conscious outdoor advertising network climAD. This digital campaign will be showcased on 33 screens nationwide in Germany.

Just as you can use the “Carefree Subscriptions” at Our Greenery  for your culinary experiences and greener everyday life, the young company also opted for the all-inclusive package of the complete network booking at all our locations for their advertising with climAD.

CityBreeze and climAD in Bremen, Dessau-Roßlau and Cottbus, Germany; Source: GCS

Let yourself be surprised by the versatility of Our Greenery and climAD, as both help you – both literally and metaphorically – “reap what you sow”:

  • With Our Greenery, you can simply, fresh, and nutritiously “eat what we grow.” Indoor gardening of Micro Greens in the “Table Garden” or “Space Garden” for your home, as described by Startbase, turns “city dwellers into modern farmers”, connecting pleasure with sustainability.
  • With climAD, every 10-second commercial contributes to cleaning over 4,000 liters of fine particulate air pollution and cooling temperatures by up to 4 °C on hot days. CityBreeze and CityTree combine the natural properties of mosses with modern technology.
Daniel Bosman (Our Greenery) und Peter Sänger (Green City Solutions/climAD) vor einem der CityBreeze in Berlin, Quelle: Our Greenery

Daniel Bosman (Our Greenery) and Peter Sänger (Green City Solutions/climAD)
in front of a CityBreeze in Berlin, Source: Our Greenery

We are excited about a truly fresh collaboration for a greener everyday life with “real change for kitchens, restaurants, businesses, events – and every home” thanks to indoor gardens and moss filters!