“We need to protect our nature for future generations.”

(European Parliament)

Thus, the “Nature Restoration Law aims to improve soil health, clean our rivers and oceans, to reverse biodiversity loss” – as the European Parliament wrote, “a new law to restore ecosystems for people, the climate and the planet”. 

Two days ago, Frans Timmermans, Executive Vice-President for the “EU GreenDeal” at European Commission, shared: “We did it 🐝🌳🌻!” as it “passed a major hurdle in the European Parliament” in Strasbourg – or, as THE GUARDIAN reports, the “EU passes nature restoration law in knife-edge vote” (source).  The Nature Restoration Law will place “recovery measures on 20% of the EU’s land and sea by 2030, rising to cover all degraded ecosystems by 2050”. It is the “first continent-wide, comprehensive law of its kind” and a “key element of the EU Biodiversity Strategy (source).  

(Photo: Remi Clinton auf Unsplash)

Because of the “alarming decline” of Europe’s nature, the European Parliament reminds everyone that “Europe is home to very diverse ecosystems and habitats that are crucial to not only our way of life but also our survival. Yet 80% of these precious habitats are in poor shape and in need of recovery.” But by “Restoring wetlands, rivers, forests, grasslands, marine ecosystems, and the species they host will help 

  • increase biodiversity 
  • secure the things nature does for free, like cleaning our water and air, pollinating crops, and protecting us from floods 
  • limit global warming to 1.5°C 
  • build up Europe’s resilience and strategic autonomy, preventing natural disasters and reducing risks to food security”. (source)

(Photo: Danist Soh auf Unsplash)

The WWF welcomes the law and highlights “The benefits of nature restoration” as it is “not just about saving wildlife”: “A growing body of evidence shows that nature contributes to our overall health and wellbeing and provides significant socio-economic benefits, including sustainable jobs and ecotourism opportunities. Protecting and restoring nature and well-functioning ecosystems is also fundamental to tackling the twin crisis of biodiversity loss and climate change”. (source)

Fridays for Future International also called “activists from all over Europe” to “urge the MEPs to vote for the nature restoration law”. But that’s not all: Don’t forget the Global Climate Strike on September 15th. (more)

(Photo: Danist Soh auf Unsplash)