“Fairy Tale Christmas at Allee-Center Leipzig”

“Enchanting scenes, magical decorations, and a program that lovingly and creatively sets the mood for the Christmas season,” as described by urbanite Leipzig urbanite Leipzig. The Allee-Center Leipzig Allee-Center Leipzig traditionally transforms into a winter wonderland during the Advent season.

From November 30th to December 23rd, there is much to discover in the Leipzig shopping center, along with a program designed for the entire family – all amidst the crisp winter air, thanks to CityBreeze. Embedded within the seven fairy-tale scenes, visitors are also provided with digital information through the climate-positive advertising network climAD, enhancing the overall experience.

Credits: GCS

So, the Rotunda of the Allee-Center transforms into an oversized fairy tale book: From Mother Holle to Rumpelstiltskin, and all the way to the Ugly Duckling, many of the characters come to life in typical settings that children and adults alike recognize and appreciate from the stories of the Brothers Grimm or Hans Christian Andersen. Rapunzel’s long braided hair will be on display, just like Mother Holle’s cloud pillow. There is, therefore, much to discover, experience, and marvel at. The Allee-Center invites both young and old visitors to a captivating show and interactive program for a total of 13 days on and around the Christmas stage set up in the Rotunda.” (Source)

“Even the Santa Claus does not miss the opportunity to visit the children in Leipzig during this festive occasion!” (Source)

The stage program featuring music, theater, and colorful shows will turn your visit to Grünau into a pre-Christmas experience. For instance, on December 2nd, the Christmas circus with its amusing cockatoos will be performing at the Allee-Center. On December 16th, the Magic Brothers invite you to a charming magic show. Finally, as the last highlight one day before Christmas Eve, the Christmas elf ‘Winni Wichtel’ (Translated to English: Winni the gnome) will bid farewell from the stage. (Source)

For more details about these events, you can find additional information on urbanite.