“We are energy!”

Municipal utilities and Trianel form “a strong community”: Trianel GmbH was founded in 1999 “to consolidate the interests of municipal utilities and strengthen their independence and competitiveness in the energy market” (Source).

Trianel’s motto is: “REALIZING VISIONS. UNFOLDING TALENTS. DEVELOPING STRENGTHS.” (Source) The energy trading company stands “for independence and new paths in the energy industry,” they “recognise opportunities, implement innovative projects, and work with a focus on results and customer orientation” (Source). According to the 2022 Sustainability Report, Trianel is “a compass guiding municipal utilities on the way to the energy world of tomorrow” (Source).

“For a sustainable future, we need new energies!” (Source)

Hence, on September 13th, the “Trianel Trendscouting Innovation Day 2023” took place once again at “THE VIEW Cologne” in Cologne.

The Innovation Day is “the annual gathering that brings together municipal utilities and innovative start-ups.” Participants can discover “exciting solutions for their current and future challenges” (Source). With a view of the cathedral, the location provided an excellent backdrop for an “inspirational atmosphere” –  right on the banks of the Rhine, overlooking the majestic Cologne Cathedral and the imposing Hohenzollern Bridge (Source). It’s the ideal setting to connect with industry leaders and forge new partnerships (Source).

Photos: Trianel GmbH / GVO MEDIA GmbH

The agenda for becoming a part of the “revolutionary energy transition” and the “energy revolution” included the presentation of innovative solutions, networking with industry experts and potential partners, the exchange of experiences, knowledge transfer, and a glimpse into the future (Source).

We are delighted that sustainability and climate protection are on the agenda at TRIANEL, a significant player in the municipal utilities sector. This is why Green City Solutions was able to impress during the evaluation. In total, eight carefully selected startups were chosen to present the “latest solutions tailored specifically to the needs of municipal utilities.” Trianel invited attendees to gather inspiration and make forward-thinking decisions for their companies (Source).

These “tailored solutions for municipal utilities” were presented this time by  our CEO and co-founder, Peter Sänger, as well as amberSearch, Codio Impact, ecop Technologies GmbH, CMBlu Energy, Solarize, Jedlix – Smart Charging, and coneva GmbH.

Photos: Trianel GmbH / GVO MEDIA GmbH

Afterward, Trianel announced: “The Trianel Innovation Day last week was a resounding success! We brought municipal utilities and innovative startups together to shape the future of the energy industry.” (Source) In addition to the startup pitches, attendees had “the pleasure of having Florian Übelacker from Salzburg AG and Lukas Wieser from MYFLEXBOX for an exciting keynote speech on ‘Corporate Venturing’ on-site” (Source), before gathering for a shared dinner at Gaffel am Dom.

“To conclude, it was an Innovation Day that expanded our horizons and perspectives, emphasising how innovation and collaboration between established companies and startups can revolutionise the energy industry” (Source). Therefore, the Trianel team is grateful for their inspiring contributions and looks “confidently towards the future of the energy sector” (Source).

“We are very excited to see how we can turn the presentations and matchmaking with municipal utilities into actual projects. It’s all about implementation now!” said our CEO and co-founder at the conclusion of this inspiring event.

Finally, a huge thank you for the successful event and the invitation to the entire Trianel team!