State-approved recreational destination
with naturally fresh breeze

The blossom town of Werder is one of the most popular destinations in the Havelland tourist region and scores with nature and water.

The popular Werderpark shopping center southwest of Berlin and Potsdam now also scores with nature, as our innovative CityBreeze biofilter creates real fresh air oases with a forest scent thanks to the mosses.

Photos: GCS

Equipped with a bench and large screen, the moss filter offers visitors and passers-by additional benefits and invites them to linger while enjoying the best quality of stay. Thanks to the integrated screens in combination with the air-purifying and cooling function of the mosses, “advertising with added value” is created and digitalization meets sustainability. The climate-positive climAD advertising network ensures the eye-catching communication of (advertising) messages with a wide range of information, from offers from local stores to Werderpark content. Translated with (free version)

Photos: GCS

Werderpark offers Werder residents, visitors and shoppers a total of more than 40 specialist stores, cafés and restaurants, so that “everything you need to live” can be found on site every day.