Innovation is taking root here! 


.. and this time, it is not ‘only’ our purifying moss, it is the very first truly green and sustainable advertising network: Welcome to climAD  

Photo: Green City Solutions

Why “climAD”? 

The name climAD is a fusion of the termsclimate” and “advertising,” perfectly encapsulating the harmonious blend of ecology and economy. Unlike other advertising networks that merely promise to offset their emissions through compensation programs, climAD delivers on its upfront commitment. Alongside the display of a 10-second digital advertisement, over 4,000 liters accomplished by living moss on the rear of the screen, demonstrably enhancing the ambient air quality. 

This twofold effect holds immense value: Pedestrians not only experience the freshness of the air firsthand but advertisers also reap substantial rewards. The sustainable moss screens capture more attention than conventional advertising displays, resulting in better message retention and an overall perception of authenticity. 

Photo: Green City Solutions

In essence, climAD stands as the true embodiment of sustainable outdoor advertising, genuinely echoing green messages. Each campaign and CityBreeze initiative contribute to the betterment of air quality and the environment! 

With a staggering weekly exposure of approximately 1.7 million impressions, your advertising campaign is guaranteed to make an impact. This growth not only nurtures our little super plants but also elevates your brand’s prominence – all while leaving a long-lasting ecological footprint. The urban landscape transforms into a lush canvas of both creativity and clean air, leaving a lasting impression on everyone who encounters it.

Photo: Green City Solutions

As pedestrians interact with our innovative moss-filtering CityBreeze and experience climAD’s offerings firsthand, the profound impact of these initiatives becomes undeniable. We firmly believe that the gift of clean air is a noble pursuit, and climAD stands as a testament to this ethos. 

For more details about the sustainable advertising network climAD, visit And explore how you can introduce your very own CityBreeze installation at no cost, provided it meets our location criteria – detailed information can be found HERE. 

Join us in this journey of growth and transformation! The climAD network expands week by week. If you have a bustling location and a penchant for fresh air, feel free to reach out. Do you know someone who could benefit from this exposure for their business, job offerings, or upcoming ad campaigns? Let us know! 

Visit for additional information and access our comprehensive media kit for download. Alternatively, you can directly connect with the team at 

Let’s shape the future of advertising, together we grow fresh air!