“Great for our health, wellbeing & planet”

As Herefordshire Council announced earlier, two new “city moss filters are set to join the first installed last summer” in Hereford City.

The CityTrees are “located in busy traffic areas in the City where they will […] help absorb pollution”: The first one was “installed at Eign Gate last June, where it has been working to naturally clean the air around it and provide a pleasant place to sit. The two new filters are currently being fitted outside The Courtyard and in Eign St (by the great western way underpass traffic light junction)”.

“Taking up the same amount of space as just one tree, the moss filter’s huge surface area is more efficient at filtering and cooling the air around it” – thanks to the super hero moss and combining nature with digital technology. Thus, each moss filter can clean about 80% of fine dust and particles from the air around it.

This is how #wegrowfreshair at Green City Solutions!

“Moss is one of nature’s best air filters with the ability to absorb and metabolise fine dust and particles, helping to naturally clean the air we breathe. Moss also stores and evaporates large amounts of moisture which cools the air”, wrote Herefordshire Council.

With air pollution causing “heart and lung disease”, which “results in between 28,000 and 36,000 deaths every year in the UK (GOV.UK)”, clean air “is essential for our health, and clean air measures are good for our wellbeing as well as being good for the planet”.

Read more about the CityTrees in Hereford City Centre HERE.

“We are proud to be part of Herefordshire City Council’s large scale and well thought out strategy to enhance the city centre. The three CityTrees are ideally anchored in the package of measures. The beauty of our solution is that it works from day 1. And it works where trees have a hard time and many people benefit from the fresh air zone.”

Peter Sänger, founder and managing director of Green City Solutions