World Water Day 2024

Since 1992, World Water Day has been celebrated annually on March 22nd. It aims to “annually remind us of the importance of water as the most essential resource for all life” and raise awareness of the issue. In 2024, the theme “Leveraging Water for Peace” was declared. United Nations Water and UNICEF called for “letting peace be our guiding principle” and using water as “a tool for peace and harmony” on World Water Day.

For Viva con Agua, World Water Day is the “most important holiday”. However, they don’t only raise awareness on this special day: #waterisahumanright. This human right was recognized by the United Nations in July 2010 and is also reflected in the „Sustainable Development Goals“ (SDGs), specifically SDG 6 – Clean Water and Sanitation. “To address the global challenges in its implementation […], the UN-Water Decade was decided upon in the 66th United Nations General Assembly”, which will continue until March 22, 2028.

Photos: GCS

Water is Life.

Water is the basis of all life and is one of the four basic elements.
Another elemental necessity: air. We cannot survive without oxygen. Therefore, we are delighted that on this World Water Day, Green City Solutions’ Fresh Air Mission intersects with Viva con Agua’s Water Mission, and together with the climate-positive advertising network climAD , we are spreading the campaign „Water is a human right”.

Currently, the advertising messages are displayed in 16 cities, including Bremen, Magdeburg, Stuttgart, Leipzig, Berlin, on a total of 35 screens. This way, we can support the campaign not only with increased reach but also with the purification of approximately 1.89 million cubic meters of air during the playback of the 10-second spots!

This is made possible by the “heart” of our regenerative biofilters, the mosses. Integrated into our multifunctional fresh air concepts, they offer the perfect combination of digitization and sustainability and real added-value advertising. Did you know that not only we are water fans, but the mosses are too? Read more about the connection between mosses and water in “Green Sponges in the Sponge City.

Photos: Simon Spirakulix & GCS

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