Business Insider and WELT honor the young pioneers of tomorrow

“A sustainable economy requires innovation, courage, and extraordinary individuals: pioneers who are passionate about their ideas and want to make the world a better place!” (Source)

Therefore, this year’s “FUTURE PIONEERS AWARD” took place on Thursday, October 12, 2023, at the Axel-Springer-Hochhaus in Berlin.

The “FUTURE PIONEERS AWARD” by BUSINESS INSIDER x WELT “recognizes young pioneers who successfully shape disruptive business fields” (Source) and “set new rules for forward-thinking entrepreneurship” (Source).

Media Impact describes it as follows: “Two strong brands and double the power, united in one initiative: an award that honors exceptional young talents from corporates and start-ups who are passionate about their ideas and want to change the world!”

This year marked the second edition of the awards, presented in the categories FUTURE CITY, FUTURE SUSTAINABILITY, FUTURE TECHNOLOGY, and FUTURE WORK.

Credit: Pascal Rohé

“What should the cities of the future look like?”

Our co-founder and CEO, Peter Sänger, participated in the event and, after a laudation by Jörg Rheinboldt, received the award in the FUTURE CITY category. “When you think about how the cities of the future should look, how they should function, how we want to live in them, and what the living spaces are like, what the climate is in cities, what they look like, how it feels, these are all tremendously significant questions that require equally significant answers,” Jörg Rheinboldt begins his speech. And “alongside many applications with great answers,” which ideally should all “succeed,” after careful consideration and discussion, there was one answer that the jury liked the most.

What he found so appealing about the idea? “At first glance, it’s wonderfully simple.”

To achieve this, we use moss in combination with technology. “And what connects the products […] is that they all improve the microclimate, draw CO2 from the atmosphere, lower the temperature, and reduce fine particulate matter. These are all issues that are extremely beneficial in cities,” the presenter continues. During the award presentation to Peter, he added, “Thank you for doing what you do.”

We are very proud and feel confirmed in the vision of a world where people can live healthy lives in urban spaces.

Credit: Pascal Rohé

“THANK YOU to Insider and Welt for the fantastic event,” our CEO said afterward. “In the FUTURE CITY category, we were able to convince the jury and are incredibly delighted with this award. It’s a special motivation for us to keep going and contribute our part to making the world a bit better.” He adds, “This trophy doesn’t belong to me; it belongs to our amazing Green City Solutions team!”

His and our thanks also go out to “the hosts, the jury, moderators, panel guests, and all the nominees.” Because “whether winners or not, in all categories – it’s inspiring to see so many dedicated people with superb companies and business models. KEEP IT UP!”

You can view the entire laudation, Peter’s award presentation, and his acceptance speech with a single click on the image.


The application and nomination phase began on June 1 and ended on August 31.

For the selection of the winners, the expertise of a high-caliber expert jury was once again employed this year. Among the jury members were individuals such as Olaf Gersemann, Head of Department for Economy, Finance, and Real Estate at WELT, Jörg Rheinboldt, Founder and Partner of HEARTFELT_ and CEO of APX, Matthias Sauder, Director of Mobile Access & Transport at O2 Telefónica Deutschland, Michael Nilles, Chief Digital & Information Officer at Henkel, and Solveig Rathenow, Editor-in-Chief and Head of the Business Department at Business Insider. She stated, “With the Future Pioneers Award, we shine a light on the next generation that will significantly shape the transformation of society and the economy” (Source). The selection of the FUTURE PIONEERS was also influenced by Dr. Ulf Poschardt, Editor-in-Chief of WELT, and Mina Saidze, Tech Evangelist at FreeTech Academy. The former emphasized that “In times of upheaval […] progress is not a calm, long river but a turbulent sea, often even frightening. It is all the more important that there are individuals who do not fear it but enthusiastically embrace the challenges. Exceptional future-makers, whose talent, diligence, and intelligence are recognized by Business Insider and WELT with the Future Pioneers Award 2023” (Source).

“Future Pioneers represent German inventiveness to drive a sustainable economy and society forward. […] Let us not only talk about the future but actively shape it!” urges Mina Saidze (Source). According to jury member Jakob Wais, Editor-in-Chief of Business Insider, the future belongs to “those who see this upheaval as an opportunity. People who dare to lead and shape” (Source).

Therefore, the “stage belonged to the people who are changing the future for the better” (Source).

The agenda for honoring the FUTURE PIONEERS included not only the exciting award ceremony but also other interesting program elements such as engaging insights and inspiring discussions. Afterward, the event transitioned to an aftershow party featuring a DJ, drinks, and networking at the JOURNALISTENCLUB. The event also served the purpose of “connecting young high potentials with established thought leaders,” offering “exclusive networking and inspiring thoughts” (Source).

Because the “courage to be different and explore new paths – this pioneer mindset unites the carefully curated guests and award winners” (Source). The “special evening was moderated by our WELT television presenter Fanny-Fee Werther,” with Henkel, O2 Telefónica, and SAP serving as sponsors, and this year’s network partners included APX, Heartfelt, and Gründerszene.

You can find numerous additional impressions of the award ceremony in the image gallery.