Capital acquired from 610 private investors

Under the banner “We Grow Fresh Air”, we clean and cool polluted city air with unique biotech filters based on natural moss. The sustainable greentech concept is convincing and has found a large number of new investors, who brought us a total of 2.5 million. In record time, 610 investors were acquired via the private investor network Companisto. The financing round was supported by the Investment Bank of Brandenburg and business angel Lex Hartmann (former CEO of TenneT Germany TSO). The fresh capital will be used to expand the product range of moss filter solutions for indoor and outdoor use and roll it out across Europe.

“In less than four weeks, we were able to significantly exceed our funding target,” says a delighted CEO and co-founder Peter Sänger. “With the additional capital, we can now scale faster and offer more solutions to limit the effects of climate change and preserve livable urban space.”

We use the special ability of moss to trap and metabolise fine dust from the air and at the same time significantly cool the ambient air to create specific inner-city “fresh air zones”. Since the company was founded in 2014, not only has the original idea been continuously developed and made measurable, but we have also established our very own moss farm and production facility in Bestensee, Brandenburg.

The moss filters combine the power of natural moss with innovative technology and can thus filter up to 82% of harmful fine dust from the air and cool the ambient temperature by up to 4 degrees Celsius. The integrated sensor technology also controls the moss supply and measures environmental data in real time. Customers include cities and municipalities as well as large property developers and companies.

The moss filters are already in use, for example as CityTree, not only in Berlin or near Munich, but also in other European cities such as London, Newcastle or Cork in Ireland. The funding will be used primarily to realise the new WallBreeze module for house facades: The WallBreeze creates fresh air on a large scale. Thanks to the modular design of the wall filter, it fits on any wall and can be integrated into existing facades without costly retrofitting. Currently, the WallBreeze is still in development, the first project is expected to be implemented in the centre of Berlin this spring.