Thursday, March 12, 10:13 a.m.: it is raining lightly as founders Peter Sänger and Liang Wu present the new generation of CityTrees on the Bikini forecourt to 120 guests and many passers-by. “Perfect moss weather, actually,” as Antje Leinemann, CEO of BIKINI Berlin, notes in her introductory remarks. Short laugh from the crowd.

After Nora Hesse also describes the European Commission’s goals for promoting “Europe’s technological elite” under Horizon 2020, the sun briefly comes out. The perfect moment for Peter Sänger and Liang Wu to pull down the tarpaulins of the three CityTrees. “Ladies and gentlemen, when we founded Green City Solutions six years ago, we never imagined we would be standing here one day. After more than 50 projects across Europe, numerous patents and 60,000 hours of work in 2019 alone, we present to you today: the CityTree 2020.” Applause. The rbb is filming the entire show.

This is just the beginning: a total of nine CityTrees are going on a kind of roadshow throughout Berlin. These include Ku’Damm, Messe Berlin and Alexanderplatz. At these premium locations, we will draw attention to the issue of air quality in the summer and fall of 2020.

Right now, it’s becoming clear that clean air must be one of the foundations of societal health. So be on the lookout for more updates – We grow fresh air.

While Peter and Liang talk to one journalist after another, the CityTrees get a closer look from the guests. The Bauhaus-inspired design blends beautifully with the urban backdrop of the Upper West Tower and Waldorf Astoria. You see a lot of wood and some noses find their way to the moss. So you can smell fresh air after all.

With the CityTree, we bring nature back to the city. After the unveiling on Vorplatz West, the event continues at Spreegold in Bikini Berlin with invited guests. In front of the press, investors and customers, CEO Peter Sänger presents the history of the CityTree in detail. Exclusive insights are given into the moss farm, the scientific process of performance measurements and the motivation of the entire team. One of the key questions: How is state-of-the-art IoT technology used to activate the natural filtering properties of mosses? At the get-together afterwards, the team will be on hand to answer any questions guests may have. Exhibits such as a small CityTree model and various moss varieties will provide support.

An impression from CCO Max Gimpel-Henning: “We all realized how much we could inspire people and were absolutely blown away by the interest and the many positive words and smiles.”