The end of urban open spaces?

By now everyone may be familiar with those “ghost images” of empty urban open spaces in all sorts of urban areas. Though, it is these images that emphasize the importance of the public realm as they fulfill an array of functions: from providing space for economic and social interaction, shaping the city to being the spot for recreational activities.
Embedded in the current pandemic, the demographic change, and other external influences such as growing divergent expectations of a diverse urban population, ecological anticipation or changes in design and function, urban open spaces face increasing pressure to be more multifunctional and resilient.
One way of getting one step closer to these qualifications is embodied by the CityTree. Besides bringing back nature and clean air to urban open spaces, it addresses multifunctionality as being a space for social interaction without economic pressure and the possibility of using smart IoT technology.
So, are you ready for the urban open space of the future?