A small story about coasters, football fields, and our soil

While enjoying your well-deserved “after-work-drink”, you may use the coaster to protect it from any sort of external influence. The coaster however may also remind you of the ground of approximately 86 cm² that is built up with streets or buildings broken down to one person every day. In total, that sums up to 53 hectares of new land-use every day. An area of 73 football fields that is deducted from the natural environment every day.

Excessive land use is one of the main problems spatial developers face as it is the reason for destroying nature and biodiversity, demolishing agricultural land, and urban sprawl. In other words, fertile soil is getting less and less while the settlement and traffic areas are increasing. Though, it takes about 2000 years for 10 centimeters of nourishing ground to develop. So, when you look at the coaster, maybe you can think of a small place that you can “de-seal” as compensation, for example, you may create a small green space on your property. It is nicer to enjoy your drink in a green surrounding anyways.