With CityTree to achieve the city goals

A “blooming place: Luton 2020-2040” is the citywide vision of Luton City Council. It is their shared vision to shape a healthy and sustainable city where everyone can thrive. Luton also aims to be carbon neutral and climate resilient by 2040. On the way to achieving this goal, Luton City Council set interim targets such as improving air quality and the natural environment across Luton.

To help meet these challenges, the town has received funding of £264,000 under the Welcome Back Fund.

Councillor Sian Timoney, who is responsible for regeneration and inclusive growth, says: “Receiving this funding is fantastic news for Luton – for businesses and residents – especially after the tough year we’ve had. The money will help us boost the economy in the town center and give people a reason not just to come to the center, but to stay and enjoy it.”

In order to offer residents and visitors a place to linger and relax in the best and most natural air, the city of Luton decided on the spur of the moment to install a CityTree in the city center. Since mid-November, it has been standing near the shopping center “The Mall”, where it is making a significant contribution to the enhancement and beautification of the city center. The plan is to involve local businesses and all of Luton’s citizens. Schools, businesses and private individuals will soon be able to show what they are doing to help Luton achieve its climate targets. The highlights will then be shown on the 43″ screen of the CityTree. In this way, the CityTree will become a beacon of sustainability in Luton.