“DOOH can also be green”

Promising Perspectives, as we see it: Because DOOH can also be green, as demonstrated by issue No. 74 of t3n Magazine. Under the cover theme ‘Urban Xperience: How user-friendly are our cities?,’ the author team of the magazine for digital business also delves into ‘Ads and the City: How Advertising Positively Influences Public Space.’ In this context, one does not have to look far for ‘environmentally friendly implementations’; the ‘ideas are there.’

For instance, at a ‘busy intersection in Bestensee, Brandenburg,’ a ‘digital billboard with moss filter’ contributes to better air quality. We have a hunch about which one that might be…

Find out how the municipality of Bestensee is ’embracing moss’ HERE:

Credits: GCS, t3n Ausgabe Nr. 74

Learn more about Issue No. 74 online, in the print edition, or go ahead and flip through the pages.

t3n is THE ‘Magazine for the Digital Economy,’ ‘the media brand for Digital Pioneers and the digital industry’ (source). It has evolved from a ‘nerd project’ into one of Germany’s most beloved digital magazines: The t3n brand has now established itself as essential reading for many tech enthusiasts—both the magazine and the online presence, as affirmed by HORIZONT.

The mission is clear: they ‘assist Digital Pioneers in shaping the future positively.’ Because ‘the future is digital,’ in contrast to any skepticism, they ‘positively accompany technological developments.’ For the t3n editorial team, this means ‘spreading knowledge & future optimism,’ sharing knowledge and optimism for a better tomorrow, as they ‘not only believe in it but live it today’ (source).

“With technology towards a positive future!”