“Breathing Good” by climAD und Green City Solutions 


On November 29th and 30th, we invite you to say “Welcome” to the first marketing festival that places sustainability at its core: the BAM! Bock auf Morgen Festival will take place for the first time in 2023 at the Radialsystem in Berlin.

The phrase “Wilkommen” wafts towards the visitors next to the catering in the hall, because not only the event bring is providing a “Breath of Fresh Air for your Marketing.” With climAD and CityBreeze, BAM! welcomes a fresh breeze. Thanks to air-filtering and cooling moss on one side and a digital screen featuring informative festival content on the other side. For more information, our team member Lasse Rother will be available on-site.

This year’s theme at Germany’s first sustainable marketing festival is “Breaking Good.” It fits perfectly with the introduction of the first genuinely sustainable advertising network and the new DOOH column. Unlike traditional options, these not only cool their surroundings but also clean the air from pollutants.

Together, these initiatives bring a breath of fresh air for both visitors and the marketing industry!

BAM! Bock auf Morgen aims to help companies move towards a sustainable future, making marketing a driving force for successful sustainability (source). Throughout the two-day event, the focus is on how marketing, when seen through the lens of sustainability, can shift from being part of the problem to becoming part of the solution (source).

In this effort, the creativity of marketing joins forces with the substance of science. The goal is to inspire people to embrace a more sustainable lifestyle. It’s an innovative blend – as unique as good marketing – and as outstanding as our climate-positive advertising network.

You can find more information about the event, the schedule, and tickets at https://www.bock.am/festival.