It should come as no surprise that companies are usually successful when they perform well and generate returns. However, the bottom line is that the impact on the environment has so far played little role in the evaluation of economic success. What happens, for example, when CO2 pricing makes products more expensive or legislators intervene and business models lose profitability? Is it enough to set standards, e.g. for funds or investments, that take sustainability into account as a criterion or is this just another attempt to paint over cracks with green paint?
As long as business models function at the expense of people and or the environment, we will not be able to achieve our climate goals, fight poverty or get rid of the throwaway mentality. On the other hand, concerns are growing louder that decarbonisation of the economy might not be affordable for many sectors of the society or might even put our prosperity at risk. Uncomfortable outlook.

The big and green picture

Will companies in future (also) be measured by how successfully they achieve Net Zero or how many SDGs they can tick off? Will success only go hand in hand with ethics and ecology in the future?  In any case, it is evident, especially among young companies, that the big and green picture is often already taken for granted and is embedded in the business purpose. That makes us optimistic. We at Green City Solutions see ourselves as a company that only functions profitably in favour of the environment and fair working conditions.

The big impact is often only achieved with scaling – in our case it is the same with the use of more and more mosses for air filtration and cooling – a few square metres do not make a big difference, but they do make a difference. To increase the leverage, a lot of preliminary work is needed. A lot has to be invested and developed. Since 2014, we have turned an idea into a product family with innovative technology and stable biology that contributes and will contribute even more to cooler and cleaner cities. We have set the course for the next step in the company’s development and found a suitable investor in Companisto. We are delighted to have completed a financing round totalling over €2.5 million.

With the fresh capital, we will massively expand the distribution, production and installation of our products, make our bio-algorithm smarter for the best possible performance and develop an indoor product. In this way, we want to do our part to achieve the climate goals.