A Glimpse into the Future of City Marketing

On April 22nd, the City Marketing Congress ‘Future. City.’ (Stadtmarketingkongress „Zukunft. Stadt.”) in Bamberg illuminated “the most significant processes of change” in the areas of city and urban marketing, communication, and digitization with its top speakers.

A “glimpse into the future” was also provided by the futurists and digital experts Adina Schneider and our CEO and co-founder Peter Sänger on behalf of the “Vision Seven Taskforce”. They were pleased with the lively attendance at the information booth and the exchange on the transformation of our cities in times of climate change. Because especially in “a time of change and constant transformation of our cities and municipalities, it is more important than ever to consider the future direction of our work, our communication, and our way of life”.

The “Vision Seven Taskforce” therefore sets “course together towards a vibrant and sustainable future” and calls for being “part of the change” to live in a future-proof and green city with improved quality of stay“created through innovative approaches to microclimate and clean air”.

Photos: Adina Schneider & GCS

As a “crucial platform for promoting creativity, knowledge exchange, and innovation in the field of city marketing”, the Bavarian State Minister for Economic Affairs, Regional Development and Energy, Hubert Aiwanger, described the congress in his greeting and emphasized its relevance:

“In times of change and challenges, it is essential to find new ways to make our cities more livable and sustainable. The effectiveness of city marketing was impressively demonstrated by our Bavarian city survey in 2023: Cities with active city marketing are in a better position in terms of attractiveness and future prospects!”

For nearly 20 years, the Action Group for City and Urban Marketing Bavaria e.V. (Aktionskreis City- und Stadtmarketing Bayern e.V. (AKCS)) and the City Management Association East e.V. (City-Management-Verband Ost e.V. (CMVO)) have been advocating for positive developments in our communities. “City marketing is joy, life, network, and pleasure”, writes Klaus Stieringer, President of the Professional Association for City and Urban Marketing AKCS, which is why a “unique program” is offered at Kulturboden Hallstadt, where we “will gain insight into the future of city marketing, communication, and digitization”. More information is available at stadtmarketingkongress.de.

Photos: Stadtmarketingkongress