CityBreeze cleans the air in the heart of Berlin

It is widely known that we cannot imagine a future without moss in the city. Therefore, we are more than delighted that one of our moss filters has been installed in the Quartier Zukunft Deutsche Bank in the heart of Berlin!

The quarter on Friedrichsstraße shows how a – not only financially – healthy future can be achieved. The focus is on sustainability and the achievement of ESG criteria, to which our moss filters contribute. Because, according to Deutsche Bank Quartier Zukunft, “the future is open, but not uncertain”: They see the “Quartier Zukunft as a space of creation, formation and development”, “of emergence, formation and growth” – a place in the middle of Berlin “that offers ideal conditions to meet what lies ahead, full of enthusiasm and energy”.

What a warm welcome for the CityBreeze! At Quartier Zukunft Deutsche Bank shows how their partners and all of them “contribute to ensuring that our planet remains a livable, sustainable place for future generations”.

Nice to know: All who are currently unable to come to Quartier Zukunft in Berlin can experience the exhibition on sustainability as a 360º panoramic tour

Our mission at Green City Solutions: clean & fresh air for all city residents.

To achieve this, we focus first and foremost on solutions with an immediate effect. We want better air now! And we start where as many people as possible benefit from it. However, the city is a very tightly meshed and planning-intensive space, so that rapid change and immediate impact are countered by little usable space and long decision-making paths. CityBreeze takes up this challenge. On one side of the CityBreeze is a green, vitalising moss wall and on the other a 75 inch LCD screen.