The EAST SIDE MALL, strategically positioned between the Warschauer Brücke and the Mercedes Platz in the dynamic Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg district, promises an exceptional shopping experience across three levels, encompassing an impressive total area of approximately 37,800 square meters (source). Since November, the shopping destination has enhanced its appeal by introducing two innovative digital information points, offering visitors more than just conventional shopping: The CityBreeze

These new additions boast regenerative air filters and coolers based on moss technology, seamlessly blending digital information with a commitment to sustainability. The CityBreeze, with its digital 10-second spot on the front screen, not only captivates attention but also serves a dual purpose by utilizing the moss filter on the back to purify nearly 4,000 liters of surrounding air, effectively removing CO₂, fine dust, and other environmental pollutants. These innovative DOOH pillars beckon passersby to pause and enjoy a moment amidst a refreshing breeze, simultaneously providing advertising brands with an authentically green touch.

We are thrilled about the new prestigious placement of these two regenerative biotech filters in this bustling neighborhood, recognized as a prime location amid the thriving Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg district (source). Operating climAD, the pioneering climate-positive outdoor advertising network, we not only deliver a staggering 2.5 million contacts weekly but also contribute to cleaner and cooler air in the community.

Credits: 1 East Side Mall, 2 GCS

The East Side Mall stands out due to its unique location on the banks of the River Spree. Its proximity to the famous East Side Gallery, the longest preserved stretch of the Berlin Wall, imparts a historical and cultural significance, attracting a large number of international visitors. The Mercedes Benz Arena and the Verti Music Hall in immediate proximity also act as magnets, contributing to the outstanding footfall at the location (source). According to Alexander Becker, the Managing Director of the RFR Group, the key factors for the success of the East Side Mall are precisely its “location and shopping experience.” Coupled with a “convincing mix of uses,” the shopping mall provides optimal conditions for retail success in the future, as stated by Alexander Becker (source).

In addition to offering a “diverse selection of stores,” the East Side Mall boasts a wide range of gastronomic concepts. Furthermore, it regularly hosts events that underscore the vibrant atmosphere of the mall and captivate visitors. The mall’s inviting ambiance encourages leisurely strolls, and with various events spanning culture, music, or fashion, there is always something exciting to experience and discover (source).

Credits: GCS

climAD is:

  • Green: Every campaign, spot, and display contributes to filtering pollutants from the ambient air. Additionally, it provides a pleasant cooling effect.
  • Honest: As the first truly sustainable advertising network, climAD offers a positive image transfer and authenticity instead of greenwashing.
  • Digital: Dynamic content that truly stands out. Live within days.
  • Simple: Easy bookings, transparent pricing structure without much fuss but with ample support.

Visit climAD.net for more information and download our media kit – or reach out directly to the team for climate-positive outdoor advertising at hello@climAD.net.

The current days are also very special for the popular shopping center at Warschauer Brücke in Berlin-Friedrichshain because it’s currently celebrating: “Happy Birthday: 5 Years EAST SIDE MALL!” In 2018, it “set the course for today’s mall concept: A mix of shopping, services, gastronomy, and leisure offerings in a young and dynamic environment” (source).

Now, with a digital and fresh breeze as well. Our fresh air zones provide a measurable and space-efficient improvement in the quality of life and stay, as seen at the two locations of the East Side Mall in Berlin.

All pedestrians near the smart moss filter CityBreeze and climAD feel the impact of the campaign. (And so do our customers.) We believe: Clean air is a clean deal!