“This could be your ad!”

(Maybe not here exactly, but definitely at the CityBreezes!)
As Planus Media wrote, “Digital Out-of-Home is seen”: In one week by 81 percent (!) of the population aged 14 and over, which corresponds to 1.1 billion gross contacts. The IDOOH Institute for Digital Out of Home Media recently published this “reach study valid for the entire DOoH industry” and thus confirmed: “Germany has a new reach medium”.
“How is this possible?”, asked the Planus Media GmbH.
The answer: Digital media are at the central points of everyday’s life. They accompany us on the way to work, during shopping & travelling, in our free time”.
It turns out, that
  • especially the young and mobile target groups are DOoH-affine: The digital screens reach up to 97 percent (!) of 20 to 29-year-olds living in Germany in seven days.
  • there are even better values for individual cities and regions, so the highest DOoH ranges exist in Hamburg, Berlin and Munich.

Therefore, Nadja Abou-El-Ela, Managing Director of IDOOH, classifies the results: DOoH “is a real digital mass medium”.

You can find out more about the study at Planus Media.

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