The PISA Market Report 2023 – The Housing Market in Leipzig & Surrounding Areas

The market report by PISA REAL ESTATE MANAGEMENT has been ‘a constant factor for years when it comes to assessing the Leipzig housing market,’ states the Leipzig City Utilities.

This was presented yesterday during a press conference for the current year 2023, with contributions from PISA CEO Timo Pinder, Prof. Dr. Kerry Brauer, Director of the State Academy of Cooperative Education Saxony, State Study Academy Leipzig, and Christoph Schaal, Leipzig City Utilities.

Photos: PISA Immobilien, IMMOCOM

For the eighth consecutive year, PISA REAL ESTATE MANAGEMENT GmbH & Co. KG has published the PISA Market Report for Leipzig. This year’s report once again underscores a positive trend in the housing market of ‘one of Germany’s most vibrant cities’ (Source). Despite a challenging economic climate, Leipzig’s appeal as a residential hotspot has gained renewed momentum, as highlighted in the publication. ‘Leipzig has witnessed significant economic growth in recent years. This, coupled with a growing demand for workforce and an influx of residents, continues to drive robust requirements not only for housing but also for offices and logistics properties,’ explains PISA CEO Timo Pinder. The latest edition of the PISA Market Report draws on an analysis of the GeoMap online database by Real Estate Pilot AG.

Photos: PISA Immobilien, IMMOCOM

As noted by PISA REAL ESTATE, their collaboration with the State Academy of Cooperative Education Saxony | State Study Academy Leipzig has once again achieved an “excellent union of business and science” (Source).

This integration of business and science is also a key focus at Green City Solutions. Our innovative moss filters, the cornerstone of our fresh air initiatives, bring together nature and technology to strive for a healthier and more livable future, particularly in urban areas.

We are excited to be featured in this year’s market report by the real estate brokerage and consulting firm, PISA. In the interview titled “Attractive Fresh Air Zones with Moss,” our CEO & Co-founder, Peter Sänger, explains why “an inconspicuous plant could be the solution to our particulate-laden and increasingly hotter cities.” Using “living moss and cutting-edge Internet of Things technology, the company develops living biofilters that not only purify but also cool the air.”

Photos: PISA Immobilien, IMMOCOM

The PISA Market Report 2023 was also supported by the agency IMMOCOM in Leipzig, Real Estate Pilot AG, Leipzig City Utilities, and Konsum Leipzig eG.

The “Market Report 2023 – The Housing Market in Leipzig & Surrounding Areas” can be downloaded for free on the PISA REAL ESTATE website at

This collaboration marks not Green City Solutions’ first venture with PISA Immobilien. In “Service for Fresh Air: the ‘Leipzig Open’ 2023” you can learn more about the “tennis highlight of the year in the city of Leipzig” and how the CityBreeze provided fresh air and information at the Leipzig Tennis Club 1990. In the future we envision, fresh air in urban spaces is accessible to everyone. That’s why we are excited about “PISA goes green by Green City Solutions” as together with PISA, “we bring a breath of fresh air to the city”.

Photos: PISA Immobilien, IMMOCOM