Service for the “Leipzig Open” 2023

“The tennis highlight of the year in the city,” as stated by the Leipziger Volkszeitung: “One of East Germany’s largest tennis tournaments” is set to take place for the 25th time from August 5th to 13th this year. Visitors can look forward to “captivating days of competition”: “In addition to the children’s tournament and the international Saxon championships, the ITF Women’s Tournament is being held for the 8th time within the Leipzig Open” (source).

Freshly introduced this year: clean and cool fresh air with every serve!

We are excited to announce that one of our CityBreeze will be present at the Leipziger Tennisclub 1990, located north of the Red Bull Arena at the Sportforum, providing attendees and participants with refreshing air and up-to-date information.


Photos: Leipzig Open & GCS

“Get ready for thrilling days of competition, as 250 players from 22 nations converge at the premises of the Leipzig Tennis Club 1990 e.V. (LTC 1990) to compete for a substantial prize pool of $25,000 and world ranking points”, as mentioned by Petersbogen Leipzig. They promise a “top-class tennis tournament.”

Mike Barke, CEO of LEIPZIG OPEN GmbH, is delighted to have Steffi Graf once again as the patron for the youth tournament “Steffi Graf Junior Cup”. Additionally, the “Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Lassmann Business Tournament” will be held.

The Leipzig Open itself invites you to “experience the captivating world of tennis”, where “tennis enthusiasts from all around the globe come together on the court!”

In Leipzig, local and regional meets international, as “The Leipzig Open are dedicated to promoting tennis in East Germany while also bringing together families, sponsors and partners who share and actively experience the fascination of tennis”, as stated by Dr. Mathias Reuschel, President of the Leipzig Tennis Club 1990 e.V.

Photos: Leipzig Open & GCS

In the natural air filter, CityBreeze, green meets screen: On one side, there’s a green, revitalizing moss wall, and on the other, a 75-inch LCD screen. The breathable moss filter ensures noticeably better air quality and a refreshingly cool breeze. Combined with the screen, it’s also the first digital-out-of-home stele that cools the environment instead of heating it up. The sleek design opens up numerous applications.

Seize the opportunity, be a part of it and experience “world-class tennis in Leipzig” – with best air quality!