“We are always open to sustainable innovations”

Which solution is more pleasant in a room: a cooling plant wall or an air conditioning system?

That’s what the Adldinger Group asked on their social media profiles. They also made clear: “We are always open to sustainable innovations”.

Therefore, Adldinger’s answer is clear: a cooling plant wall. Because our latest moss filter, the WallBreeze, is now also part of the mentioned sustainable innovations. We are very excited and proud of the premiere and the first faMOSS installation of our most powerful building greenery in the Newton building complex of the Adldinger Group on the research campus in Garching. Behind the reception desk, four of the actively ventilated moss filters ensure that “employees and students are provided with fresh air and lush greenery”.

(photos: Adldinger Unternehmensgruppe)

How does it work?
Four actively ventilated moss filters “welcome visitors in the foyer”, says Adldinger. The modules are “easy to integrate and offer contemporary benefits” such as:
  • fresh breathing air: up to 82% less particulate matter and up to 4°C cooling
  • particulate matter reduction: actively eliminates 50% of particulate matter
  • antibacterial & antiviral: protection against germs

The active ventilation technology and fully automated irrigation distinguish the WallBreeze from conventional wall greening. An innovative Internet-of-Things concept generates real-time environmental and condition data, which are visualized and processed through a proprietary cloud solution. The regenerative biofilter is the large-scale solution for better air.

Adldinger added appropriately: “Good air is essential”! The company slogan “Building with tradition and solutions for tomorrow”, also aligns with sustainable and natural air cooling and purification.

The premiere of the first WallBreeze modules takes place in the atrium of the BAMC research cluster on the Garching campus. HERE you could find more information about the project, and on the WallBreeze product page.