Half a year of fresh air

We are part of the first comprehensive and implemented Clean Air Strategy in Europe. The Cork City Council (Ireland) has done a great job. The strategy contains short-, medium- and long-term initiatives to improve air quality in Cork, including the pedestrianization of the city center, the establishment of environmental zones that are temporarily or completely closed to car traffic, the planting of 1,500 trees in 2022 and the installation of five moss filters in the city center. CityTrees are part of the cityscape in Cork since August 2021.

Here, the CityTrees are located in 2 very special places in the city. 3 of the 5 CityTrees can be found in the famous St. Patrick Street, where daily residents and visitors make a shopping trip through the city. Also at the Grand Parade, one of the main streets of Cork, passers-by can now enjoy a fresh breeze and clean air through 2 CityTrees.

In total, the three CityTrees on St. Patrick Street and the two CityTrees on Grand Parade have filtered more than 6.5 million m³ of air. This amount is equivalent to about 1,600 hot air balloons filled with fresh and clean air. In addition, the CityTrees actively combat fine dust pollution in the city. In the last 6 months, for example, the 5 CityTrees have been able to filter the fine dust from more than 5,700 cigarettes from the ambient air.