The first time the CityTrees were in the focus of the knowledge program Galileo was in 2016, and now they are showing their best side for a second time.

A lot has happened in these four years. We have implemented more than 60 projects from Oslo to Skopje, Macedonia & and thus filtered several million cubic meters of fresh air to breathe. This year we have introduced the already third generation of products. And not only the moss has grown during this time, but also our team has learned a lot through the challenges and minor setbacks of the past years.We are even more pleased that our CityTrees could once again attract the interest of a major media station and get the chance to shine in front of the camera!

Our extraordinary vision – fresh and healthy air in urban living spaces – comes a little closer with this contribution! Here you can watch both the new and the older Galileo contribution. Do you find the differences?

Clip from 2016
Clip from May 2020