“A glimpse into the cities of the future

Buon Giorno da Bari Part II: This time, we received gree(n)tings from southern Italy and we couldn’t be happier as they directly came from the President of Save the Planet, Elena Stoppioni. 

“I took my children to Bari with me on a business trip. How nice to see them in front of our City Tree!”, was the comment – accompanied by the MOSSt beautiful photo greetings. 

Credits: Elena Stoppioni

In Bari, the CityTree “serves as a tangible testament to how research and technology can come together to protect our planet and it offers a glimpse into the cities of the future”, she said during the opening ceremony in June. The natural air filter and cooler was installed in Largo Sorrentino in Bari thanks to the collaborative efforts of Save the Planet and JTI Italia. 

Elena Stoppioni continued that “We are truly proud to have contributed to this installation. Our partnership with JTI Italia continues to concretely address the issue of sustainability”. She further highlighted the transformative potential of projects like these, urging private entities, administrations, and ordinary citizens to initiate similar endeavours. Read more about “a gift to the city to fight climate change and heat islands” in “Buon Giorno da Bari!”