Heinz Dürr Invest GmbH joins as investor

Under the claim “We Grow Fresh Air”, we clean polluted city air with unique biotech filters based on living, specialized mosses. The sustainable concept is convincing and has found a strong strategic investor within the currently ongoing financing with Heinz Dürr Invest GmbH, which is driving the growth financing with a single-digit million amount.

“The fact that such an experienced and renowned entrepreneur believes in us, our vision and our business model and is leading the follow-up financing with a significant sum is extremely motivating for us and an absolute milestone,” explains Green City Solutions co-founder and CEO Peter Sänger.

We use the special ability of mosses to filter fine dust from the air and at the same time cool the ambient air to create targeted, inner-city “fresh air zones”. To this end, not only has the original idea been continuously developed and made measurable, but the company has also set up its own moss farm with laboratory and a manufacturing facility in Bestensee, Brandenburg, near Berlin.

“The enormous increase in the natural ability of living moss through Internet-of-Things technology is a pioneering example of how sustainability and modernity, as well as ecology and economy, go well together. The innovative strength, the broad expertise and the three market-ready product solutions have completely convinced me,” says Heinz Dürr, explaining the investment.

The moss filters combine the power of living mosses with innovative IoT technology and can thus filter up to 82% of harmful fine dust from the air while cooling the air by up to 4 degrees Celsius. The integrated sensor technology also controls moss supply and measures environmental data in real time. Customers include industrial and infrastructure companies, the construction industry, retailers, municipalities and municipal operations.

“We are currently experiencing significant growth in demand and the fresh capital will enable us to expand our business and the CityBreeze, CityTree and WallBreeze products accordingly,” says a delighted Peter Sänger.

The products are already in use not only in German cities such as Berlin, Bonn, Braunschweig and Leipzig, but also in other European cities such as London, Zurich, Cork and Hereford.