“Shop. Indulge. Be Happy.”: That (and much more) is what the HANSA CARRÉ Bremen offers right on the “Hastedter Osterdeich”. The “convenience center that leaves nothing to be desired” boasts over 30 stores and provides more than 800 free parking spaces. Describing itself as a place where “gastronomy meets shopping, and in between, we invite you to a Hanseatic virtue: strolling.”

In addition to the exceptional shopping experience – thanks to a variety of shopping options, a diverse dining area, and a multitude of exciting events throughout the year — the center has been offering its visitors valuable open-air oases and value-added advertising since January 2024! CityBreeze combines natural air filtration and cooling with attention-grabbing communication, making the stay and stroll in the shopping center a fresh and informative experience.

Photos: GCS

The regenerative moss filters combine digitization and sustainability: The efficient screen with up to 30% less power consumption reflects significant interest in sustainability among outdoor advertisers and advertising clients. At the same time, the integrated mosses clean up to 50 million cubic meters of their surroundings’ air annually, thus ensuring a clean indoor environment. Additionally, the moss modules cool the air by up to 4°C. With innovative ventilation technology, hot indoor spaces can be naturally cooled during the summer months, providing a pleasant quality of stay even in the 300-meter-long covered mall with nearly a kilometer of shop windows. Additional seating areas create a place to linger beside the open-air zone.

“Our goal at HANSA CARRÉ is to ensure that everyone feels completely comfortable”, emphasizes Petra Geistlich, Center Manager at HANSA CARRÉ. “The CityBreeze fulfill many of our wishes at once. They offer local businesses the opportunity to convey content to visitors in a sustainable and special way, inviting them to stroll and linger — all amidst fresh and cool air. Reasons enough to embrace this quickly deployable innovation and further enhance the quality of stay in our Hansa Carré.”


Photos: GCS

“[…] but the donkey noticed that it was not a good wind that was blowing and ran away, setting forth on the road to Bremen”

Even the Bremen Town Musicians recognized that in Bremen, especially in the popular convenience center on Pfalzburger Straße, a good wind blows. The two CityBreeze, optimally placed in the HANSA CARRÉ, ensure a – literally – fresh breeze, even for digital outdoor communication.

For the center and local businesses, various advertising advantages arise, which can be realized, for example, for customer and employee acquisition with targeted broadcasting without geographical scatter losses, generating more interest than regular screens. This results in a truly sustainable image transfer for both advertising and the brand as a whole. The screen content, provided by the climate-positive advertising network climAD, features center information and current news such as the WhatsApp channel and informs about events at HANSA CARRÉ, shop promotions and offers, to general notices. Thanks to high visibility in the corridor right on-site, visitors learn about all the latest news and “everything their heart desires”. “The special thing: In HANSA CARRÉ Bremen, the weather is always ideal. Whether it’s raining, storming, or snowing outside,” here “you’ll [truly] always find a pleasant climate” thanks to the innovative moss filters.


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