More fresh air with crowdfunding

From today onwards, our Series A Expansion is starting at Companisto, and thus provides a new opportunity to become part of our Fresh Air Zone and the Green City Solutions family. Join us at

“Our technology is combating air pollution and urban heat,” says our CEO, Peter Sänger. “We as Green City Solutions are the first company that adds value on clean air for people in a profitable business case“, adds our co-founder and managing director. Thus: “Jump on it and benefit twice from fresh and clean air!”


Under the motto “We Grow Fresh Air”, we clean and cool polluted and heated urban air using unique and regenerative biotech filters based on living, specialized moss. We use the special ability of these inconspicuous plants to filter out fine particles from the air while simultaneously cooling the surrounding environment, creating targeted urban “fresh air zones.”

Thanks to more than 80 projects across Europe, the collected data and the optimized bio-algorithm, the “first” moss filter called CityTree has a cooling capacity of up to 6,500 watts and purifies the breathing volume of up to 7,000 people in just one hour. The centerpiece, the moss module, has also been implemented in the CityBreeze since mid-2021. The CityBreeze is the world’s first Digital-out-of-Home stele that cools and cleans the urban environment instead of heating it up. In this context, we were able to establish the first truly sustainable advertising network, climAD, in 2022. Our third product, the WallBreeze, represents our first step towards deploying our innovation large-scale on (building) facades. The new biotech filter was first implemented in projects in North Rhine-Westphalia and Bavaria in early 2023.


The motto of Companisto?

“It takes many to achieve greatness – that’s why we invest together.”

So now, take your chance and become a Companists too, and actively shape the future, providing fresh capital for even cleaner and fresher air:

For the further development and expansion of our climAD network, the exploration of new locations, operational support and work on certificates and offsetting measures, we need additional capital.

“Protecting our climate is a huge challenge, but at the same time, a tremendous opportunity. Join us with an investment in Green City Solutions!”